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Cytology Association of Alabama 
Vivian Pijuan-Thompson
(205) 934-3378

Arizona Cytology Association
Elena T. Florento, CT(ASCP)
(623) 337-3306

Arkansas Association of Cytology
Don Simpson
(501) 686-8448

California Association of Cytotechnologists
Don York, Executive Secretary
(209) 723-4551

Delaware Valley Society of Cytology
Clementine Hawthorne, CT(ASCP)CMIAC
(215) 955-1198

Florida State Society of Cytology,  Inc.
Silvia Montes
(727) 893-6104 x4249

Georgia Society of Cytology
Karla Hathorn

Greater NY Association of Cytotechnologists
Constantinos Coutsouvelis, CT(ASCP) 
(631) 444-2403

Heart of America Association of Cytopathologists
Pamela Shipe
(913) 339-0423

Illinois Society of Cytology
Lori Jones

Cytology Society of Indiana
Barbara McGahey Frain, MS, CT(ASCP)
(317) 481-6745

Iowa Society of Cytology
Tad Wendorf
(641) 424-4773

Kentuckiana Cytology Society
Mary Beth Adams, MEd SCT(ASCP)
(502) 452-8391

Maryland Association of Cytopathology
Patricia Welk
(410) 796-8970

Massachusetts Society of Cytology
Kari Binning, BS, CT(ASCP)
(508) 292-1584

Metro Washington Association of Cytology
Sally-Beth Buckner, BA, SCT(ASCP)
(301) 564-0097

Michigan Society of Cytology
Brian Smola

Minnesota Society of Cytology
Chelsi Womack
(651) 343-3960

Mississippi Society of Cytopathology
Zelma Cason, BS, SCT(ASCP)
(601) 984-6358

Mountain States Association of Cytotechnologists
Michael Berry, SCT(ASCP)
(801) 583-2787 x2327

New Jersey Association of Cytology
Christine Mager
(201) 393-4615

North Carolina Society of Cytology
Kathy L. Grant, PhD, CT(ASCP)
(919) 613-9405

Ohio Society of Cytology
Margaret Jones, SCT(ASCP)CMIAC
(847) 533-4846

Oklahoma Society of Cytopathology
Crystal Glass
(405) 290-4404

Puerto Rico
Astrid Cruz
(787) 759-7822

Rhode Island Society of Cytology
Betsy Reilly
(401) 453-7655

South Carolina Society of Cytology
Patricia Houser
(843) 792-8891

Southern Association of Cytology
Hector Garcia, CT(ASCP)

St. Louis Society of Cytology
Jade True

Texas Society of Cytology
Lausanne Wiatrowski, CT(ASCP)
(210) 358-4034

Upper New York State Society of Cytology
Elizabeth Parker
(585) 922-6124

Vermont / New Hampshire Cytotechnology Association
Marybeth Kellogg
(802) 847-3926

Virginia Society of Cytology
Sophie Thompson, MHS, CT(ASCP), CMIAC
(757) 683-3016

Wisconsin Society of Cytology
Marsha Salzwedel

WSC 2012 Spring Meeting
Date: May 19, 2012

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